World Transformation

Healing the planet with intention, prayer, meditation, harmonic frequency, love, gratitude....


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Offering Free Pre-Recorded Guided Meditations and Free Distant Healings every full moon.

Dates for our 2014
FREE World Healing Meditations and FREE Distant Sessions

Each month will feature a free pre-recorded guided meditation to help you shift, heal, change and transform.
Downloadable to your computer or ipod.
You are free to share the meditations
provided you also include this website address.

For individual healing or to request healing for a specific person, place, or circumstance
please fill out our healing request form below. If you include your email address, you will receive a personalized response.
Otherwise, a general prayer will be offered for the highest good and healing for all.

Healing Requests

Donations gladly received for Healings and Guided Meditations.


The FREE Distant Healing includes:

  • your specific healing requests
  • specific intentions for the highest good and healing
  • prayer and/or meditation
  • the energy of the angels
  • tons of love and gratitude
  • harmonic and healing frquencies
    broadcast with two frequency generators
    to reach the largest field possible.

Those requesting healing will receive FREE Distant Healing

with the Bio-Spiritual Frequency Generator and the Light Stream Technology Wand.

The Bio-Spiritual Frequency Generator
for generating healing frequencies.


The Light Stream Technology Wand
for generating harmonic codes and frequencies.


For more information on healing frequencies,
download this free .pdf.

These monthly world healings are offered by Phoenix and Leon.
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